What tools and complete set of materials are required for nail enhancement

Manicure tools generally include nail clippers, nail files, fingertips, fingertips, sanding strips, polishing sponges, tweezers, nail pens, crystal pliers, bristle brushes, and so on; Necessary professional equipment includes manicure tables, manicure seats, manicure lights, manicure machines, hand bowls, pillows, foot basins, finger molds, etc; Nail essential supplies include base oil, nail polish, gloss oil, nail polish glue, softening cream, nail polish diluent, nail essence, etc.

Nail clippers: mainly used for trimming lengths. After the nail length is moderate, use a nail file to polish the edges of the nail.

Nail file: mainly used for trimming the length and shape of nails. A nail file with a rounded and thin tip should be selected.

Finger forceps: also known as dead skin forceps. Use finger clippers to cut off dead skin and flesh thorns that have just been pushed, making the fingers look beautiful and neat. However, when using finger clippers, it is important not to pull and cut them directly to avoid damaging the skin, and not to cut them too deeply.

Dead skin push: Using the oval flat head side to push the aging skin of the fingers towards the palm of the hand can make the nail plate appear slender and more beautiful after nail enhancement.

Polishing file: It can remove the keratin indicated by the nails, making them more crystal clear and shiny. But do not rub back and forth during polishing, as the heat generated by friction can be uncomfortable.

Nail enhancement lamp: used for drying phototherapy glue in the nail enhancement process.