Nail Drill Bits

How can I tell what Nail Drill Bits do?

How can I tell what Nail Bits do?

what Nail Drill Bits do?

Tried about choosing a nail grinding head? It’s because the have you ever been wore is a dazzling array of nail grinding heads in the market with different shapes and functions. Don’t worry, today I’m going to reveal you the secret and tell you how to tell the role of nail grinding heads.

Firstly, let’s get to know a few common nail grinding heads. Smoothing the back edge, sanding both sides of the gamp, opening small pockets for sanding, sanding the back edge of the gamp, standing up the gamp for sanding, removing nail polish, etc. Each type of grinding head has its own specific effect.

To distinguish the function of nail grinding head, you can start from the shape and material of the grinding head. A rounded tip is good for smoothing the back edge, while a tapered tip is good for sanding both sides of the cuticle. While blunt and flat heads are suitable for opening small pockets for sanding. If you want to remove the gampi from the back edge of the nail, then go for a wide flat tip. The short-edged tapered tip makes it easy to stand up the cuticle and polish it out of shape. Finally, if you want to remove nail polish, choose the prototypical serrated nail grinding head will be more effective.

After mastering the above tips, I believe you have been able to easily identify the role of nail polish grinding head. Let choosing a nail grinding head no longer be a problem, and welcome the new world of nail art!

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