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Types and Uses of Nail Art Pens What Nail Art Pens are for Painting

nail art pens

If you want to do style to the nail art pens can be said to be essential, looked at a variety of quite a lot of this nail art pen should be how to use it is good how many kinds of types? What exactly is a nail art pen used for? Let’s explore.

Types and uses of nail art pens

Commonly used types of nail art pens include small pens, stretcher pens, stippling pens, loose powder brushes, and gradient pens.

Small pens, with smaller and finer bristles, are suitable for drawing lines and painting small areas. If you make a mistake with acrylic paint, you can take a cotton pad and dip it in water to wipe it off, and you can use a cotton pad dipped in 95-degree alcohol or cleaning solution to wipe it off with colored glue or nail polish.

Drawing pens, with extremely thin and long bristles, are suitable for drawing longer straight lines. Nail technicians usually use their own little thumb as a fixed pivot point, note that the guest’s fingers can not be used as a pivot point, not only affects the comfort of the guest, and easy to affect the final result because of the guest’s hand shaking.

Dot ball pen, both ends have different sizes of beads, can be used to point out the dots and dipping glue, but also can be dipped in light therapy gel to take some small jewelry, such as sequins, small steel beads.

Mountain Powder Brush, with a flat tip and loose bristles, used for shaking out glitter or for depicting multiple, uncluttered lines.

Gradient pen, pen hairs than glitter brush small, brush hairs fine soft scratch less, in the drawing process gradient pen can not be under pressure too much, with the tip of the pen hairs gently toggle the color can be.

Nail art pen is painted what

Light therapy pen is used to apply light therapy gel when doing nail art, it can take glue, brush extension gel, paint glitter sequins and so on, divided into flat head and round head light therapy pen, generally will be used with the drawing pen, pull line pen, but the brush head and the previous two will have some differences. Manicure need to apply phototherapy gel, but can not use your fingers to paint, this time you need to use the tool, and the phototherapy pen is the tool to paint, can be convenient to glue on the nails, and does not contaminate the fingers, so it is of high importance.

Nail pen to dip in water?

Ordinary cleaning
1, careful and thorough water washing, use a paper towel or towel to wipe off the pigment on the bristles of the pen, and then thoroughly water wash from the tip to the root of the pen.
2, scrub with soap after use, rub the soap with your hands until it foams, and move the bristles back and forth by pressing gently on the palm of your hand. You can also use nail pen special cleaning solution or hand sanitizer. Gently rub the roots of the pen hairs with the fingertips, so that the foam penetrates the pen hairs as a whole.

  1. Repeatedly wash with water until no longer discolored. Wipe off the residual water with a paper towel, etc., organize the pen hairs, and store them until they dry naturally.

Nail art pen can be hot water hot?

Nylon texture of the pen hair with hot water is possible, but if you do not have to try not to ~ wash pen gel is a must Oh!

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