Nail Drill Bits

Explore the various shapes and uses of nail drill bits

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When it comes to DIY nail care, having the right tools is crucial. Nail drill bits are tools that can greatly enhance your nail care routine. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the different shapes and uses of nail bits to help you understand their uses and how you can use them to achieve stunning nail designs.

Tapered drill bits

Description: The tapered drill bit gradually becomes thinner, similar to a cone. The materials of the tapered drill bit are also very rich, usually including high-speed steel, cemented carbide, tungsten carbide, ceramics, etc. Different materials have different use ranges and can cope with various processing The occasion requires.
Purpose: These bits are great for removing dead skin, shaping the nail surface, and creating smooth, rounded edges. They can also be used for precision work in hard-to-reach areas. Tapered drill bits are widely used in the field of metal processing and can be used to open holes, taper, adjust the diameter of holes, etc. Compared with traditional straight-shank drill bits, its tapered head design greatly improves drilling accuracy and processing efficiency. Conical drill bits can be used in the field of woodworking to drill required holes on the surface of wood and to clean and process holes with complex conditions. Conical drill bits can be used in the field of glass processing to drill the required holes on the glass surface. At the same time, they can control the operating angle to find the appropriate processing position and improve the accuracy and efficiency of glass processing. Conical drill bits can be used not only in the above fields, but also in other fields, such as automobile repair, aerospace, etc.

Barrel drill bits

Cuticle Nail Drill Bits

Description: Barrel drill bits are cylindrical with a rounded top.
Purpose: These bits are great for shortening and thinning nail lengths. They can also be used for surface filing and removing product build-up. Barrel drill bits are the best drill bit for backfill cutting, shortening, and shaping your nails! Remember not to use this tool on the cuticle area. It’s not fun and it’s very harmful.

Flame drill bits

Tungsten Nail Drill Bits Oval Tornado 6.00mm

Description: A flame drill bit has a tapered body and a rounded top that resembles a flame.
Purpose: Flame drills are great for removing hangnails and used to create a lip for dead skin removal. Because the flame drill easily cleans around nails, it can also be used to clean any blemishes on your touch-up.

Needle drill bits

Tungsten Flawless Nail Drill Bits Needle Flat Head 2.3 MM

Description: The needle drill bit is slender and pointed, shaped like a needle.
USES: These drill bits are great for intricate nail art designs, creating fine lines and details. They can also be used to clean under nails and remove stubborn stains. The UNC drill bit’s pointed and small shape helps get into tight spaces, such as under nails and side walls, and even create holes for these specific designs.

Mandrel bits

Description: A mandrel drill bit is cylindrical in shape with an abrasive belt attached to the top.
Purpose: These drill bits are mainly used for smoothing and polishing the nail surface. They can also be used to remove gel or acrylic overlays. While a mandrel bit is usually made of rubber or metal, it can only be used with an abrasive belt to help shape and finish the nail. Remember, don’t use the sanding tape for too long, it can easily heat up your client’s fingers.

Ball drill bits

Description: A ball-nose drill bit is a special drill bit used for drilling holes with a special geometry. It is mainly used to process curved surface shapes such as spherical and hemispherical shapes, and can avoid vibration, distortion, cutting edges, etc. during deep hole processing.
Purpose: Ball drill bits are used to clean or remove hard skin around nails. It can even be used to remove loose cuticles around nails. The holes produced by ball-nose drills are more precise in processing quality than traditional drills, so they are widely used in mold manufacturing, automotive parts, medical equipment, aerospace and other fields.

Understanding the different shapes and uses of nail drill bits is essential for creating professional-looking nails at home. By adding the right drill to your collection, you can enhance your nail care routine and try out a variety of nail designs. When using a nail drill, remember to always prioritize safety and correct technique.

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