Quality Control

Our company prioritizes product quality. That’s why we’re your trusted partner for customizing nail carbide burr bits products in China.

Our Quality Guaranteed

With our Pro Plan and carefully curated list of suppliers, we stand behind the quality of your custom nail carbide burr bits products.

Should any defective products be identified during our thorough product inspection at our warehouse, we'll take care of free replacements for you.

Quality guaranteed. If defects found within 15 days of receiving your goods, we'll arrange replacements or compensation with evidence.

Nail carbide burr bits Products Quality Inspection

General Inspection

Whether you choose our Pro or basic plan, your nail carbide burr bits products will undergo free comprehensive inspection at our warehouse. For defective products, if you use the supplier we choose, we will handle quality issues at no additional cost. If it is your own supplier, we will assist in solving the problem, but logistics costs, travel expenses, etc. Will be charged. If you need a specific testing solution or a lower defect rate, please contact our agent for information on potential additional costs.

Full Inspection

To achieve a defect rate of 0%, we highly recommend our full inspection service. We will thoroughly inspect and identify any defective products in the entire batch. The standard price is $5/hour. Please inform our agent of your requirements to receive a quote for the full inspection.