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What manicure tools should prepare for learning manicure?

manicure tools

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One. Essential Nail Skills for Newbies

Nail art, although it looks very complicated, a variety of styles dazzling, but there are basic and advanced points. Novice nail technicians only learn to play a good basic skills, only later development. Basic manicure contains the following content: hand and foot care, pre-processing (sterilization, repair nail type. To remove dead skin), basic coloring, single-color gradient, basic color painting (flower. Lines), basic nail removal.

Every master, starts with these introductory exercises, so don’t be impatient and practice well!

Two. Corresponding manicure tools

It’s best to have all of them on hand when learning the corresponding skills~ If you are looking to try your hand at it yourself first, base gel, color gel, sealer, nail lamp, nail removal kit, small steel pusher, sanding strips and sponge file are the most most basic for nail art.

  • Hand and Foot Care
    Hands: towels, hand soaking bowls, nutritive oils, finger edge oils, hand creams.
    Feet: various types of bath salts, disposable foot soak bags, foot soak bowls, towels, foot cream.
  • Pre-processing
    Manicure: 75° alcohol (to sterilize manicure tools and fingers), glass for sterilizing, nail clippers, dead skin softener, dead skin scissors, sanding strips, sponge rub, dusting brush, orange wood stick.
    Pedicure: same basic tools as above, plus ingrown nail clippers, foot scraper, foot rubbing board, toe splitter.
    Note: When performing the manicure and pedicure steps, it is important to keep tools separate to prevent bacterial cross-contamination.
  • Basic coloring
    Bottom glue: used to enhance the adhesion of nail polish, the first step after the front processing clean.
    Sealer: divided into scrub sealer, free sealer, frosted sealer, now more free sealer.
    Nail polish: color glue, newbies are advised to prepare some popular or their favorite color, do not have to prepare all the colors.
    Reinforcement glue: thin soft nails can be brushed after the base layer of glue, shine dry and then on the nail polish; can also be used for sticking jewelry after the reinforcement, you can also do staining, very practical function of the glue.
    Nail lamp: UV lamp / LED lamp, the current mainstream is a double-effect lamp, that is, UV + LED two-in-one lamp.
  • Basic painting
    Color tools: painting gel (nail, real hand), acrylic (black card exercise book)
    Auxiliary tools: black card exercise book, the number of nail pieces
    Row pen: used to draw lines with width or 3D coloring.
    Round pen: the pen tip small Joe, used to paint petals type of nail art style, can be a molding.
    Color pen: used to draw a variety of patterns.
    Drawing pen: easy to depict lines, or fine patterns.
    There are also some do basic models of the pen class can also be prepared together, such as gradient pen, halo pen.
    Great manicurist can be a pen to go all over the world, but in order to improve the efficiency of learning, it is recommended that novices still buy special nail art pen, so that they get twice the result with half the effort ~!
  • Basic armor removal
    Nail Remover Kit: commonly used nail removal tool, wrapped for about 10 minutes.
    Nail polish remover: use with tinfoil + cotton wool, equivalent to homemade nail polish remover kit.
    Small steel pusher: used after removing the nail kit, to clean the residual nail polish.
  • Common Jewelry
    In addition to the above tools, you can also prepare some common jewelry, practice style matching. In addition to the following jewelry, the recent popularity of shell pieces of gold foil can also buy Oh, to give themselves to friends to do a beautiful paragraph is also good ~!
    Rivets: a variety of metal jewelry.
    Stickers: commonly used are water stickers, transfer stickers, adhesive backed stickers.
    Sequins: Korean nail art with more, such as heart-shaped, star-shaped, diamond-shaped sequins.
    Drill: it can be classified according to color, shape, bottom surface, cut surface and material, commonly classified as flat bottom drill and shaped drill.
    Gold and silver wire: the back of the self-adhesive gold or silver wire, the most common nail jewelry.

All of the above is a newbie to learn the basics of nail art! Friends who need nail polishing tools can lock in our products!

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