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Why do you need to do nail art pre-treatment?

  • Perfect nails = nail shape ➕ dead skin trimming clean ➕ glue, so in the nail 💅 learning, pre-treatment is particularly important, nail beauty has a solid foundation is to have a good pre-treatment!

About Nail Art Pre-treatment Grinder

Step 1: Pre-treatment of the nail grinding head
Have you ever encountered the problem of too much dead skin on the edge of the finger and the surface of the nail is not smooth? Don’t worry! Simply use the Nail Prep Tip to solve these problems. The unique design of the head can easily remove dead skin and uneven nail surface, giving your fingertips a new look. 😍

✨ Step 2: Nail Removal and Dead Skin Removal Tool
Want to remove colour and residue from your nails but afraid of hurting them? That’s when you need to use the Nail Remover & Peeler! Made from high-tech materials, it not only easily removes colour from your nails, but also removes stubborn dead skin, leaving your nails in perfect condition. 🦾

✨ Step 3: Immersion Manicure
Now that you’ve mastered the proper use of the nail pre-treatment grinder and the nail removal and dead skin remover, it’s time for an immersive manicure! You’ll be greeted with unlimited creativity and artistic talent, and with the right mix and match and clever techniques, you’ll make your manicure the envy of all! (Note: Don’t forget to share your creations! 😊)

Pre-treatment: The white/clear-coloured dead skin on the sides and back edge of the nail is trimmed and treated.
It makes the nail bed look bigger, and the colour is fuller and more beautiful/ makes the nail surface and the base gel fit better and less likely to buckle and hold fast.
About Nail Art Pre-treatment Grinder

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