Mastering Your Manicures: A Guide to Choosing and Using Tungsten Nail Drill Bits

Tungsten Nail Drill Bits Oval Tornado 6.00mm

Tungsten nail drill bits’s accuracy and durability have a certain effect on improving your nail care. Here are some suggestions about how to choose a suitable tungsten nail drill bit.

Choose the appropriate tungsten nail drill bit:

Understanding gravel levels:

Fine sand: It is an ideal choice for natural nails, as it can prevent nail damage.

Coarse sand: suitable for acrylic or gel nails, which can effectively remove materials.

Choose the appropriate shape:

Cone, cylinder, flame: Choose according to needs, they have many functions, such as shaping or working on the stratum corneum.

Prioritize safety features:

Smooth edged nail drill bit: prevents skin irritation or cuts.

Heat resistant nail drill bit: Ensure that the drill bit can withstand high speeds without overheating.

The nail tungsten steel drill bit grinding effect is very good

Effective use of tungsten nail drill bits:

Set speed:

Low speed: suitable for fine tasks and precision work.

High speed: It is very suitable for quickly removing materials on acrylic or gel nails.

Maintain appropriate technology:

Mild contact: Avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent nail damage.