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How to use nail tools to care for our nails

Beautiful nails are the goal of every girl, however, people often do not pay attention to the correct use of nail art tools when trimming and polishing nails, resulting in nail damage. In order to care for our nails, we need to learn how to use nail art tools properly. In this article, I will introduce you to the correct way to use nail tools to maintain your nails.

Step 1: Get your nail tools ready

First, we need to prepare some necessary nail tools. Nail clippers are one of the indispensable tools that can help us trim the length of our nails. Before using clippers, we should first soak our fingers in warm water for a few minutes to soften the nails and make trimming easier.

In addition, we also need to choose the file to be used to polish the nail. Choose a thin file to avoid excessive wear on the nail. In addition, the nail kit should also include a nail polish brush, nail repair solution, nail clippers and other small tools for use in daily maintenance.

Step two: Manicure methods

Next, let’s learn how to trim nails properly. First of all, we need to choose the appropriate nail shape according to our preferences and needs.

Some people like square nails, others like round nails. Whatever shape you choose, it is important to make sure that the edges of your nails are smooth when clipping and that you do not leave sharp edges that can scratch the skin. In addition, manicures should be kept to a moderate length and avoid excessive pruning, so as not to cause pain or break easily.

After trimming the nail to the desired length, it is important to further refine its shape and smooth out any rough edges. This can be achieved by using a nail file. A nail file is a tool with a rough surface that is specifically designed to shape and polish the nails.

To begin the filing process, hold the nail file at a slight angle against the edge of the nail. It is crucial to use gentle motions while filing to avoid causing any damage to the nail. Applying too much pressure or filing too aggressively can weaken the nail and lead to cracks or breaks.

Using a back and forth motion, slowly slide the file along the edge of the nail. This helps to gradually remove any sharp angles or jagged edges that may be present. By doing so, the nail becomes smoother and less prone to snagging on clothing or other objects.

It is important to pay attention to the direction in which you file the nail. Filing in one direction, preferably from the outer edge towards the center, helps to prevent the nail from splitting or peeling. Avoid filing in a sawing motion, as this can weaken the nail and cause it to become more susceptible to damage.

Continue filing each nail in the same manner, ensuring that all edges are evenly smoothed. Take your time and be patient, as rushing through the filing process can result in an uneven nail shape or accidental damage.

Once you have finished filing, take a moment to inspect the nails for any remaining roughness or sharp edges. If necessary, use the file to gently buff away any imperfections until the nails feel completely smooth.

By properly filing the edges of the nails, you not only enhance their appearance but also reduce the risk of them catching on objects or causing discomfort. Regularly filing the nails helps to maintain their health and prevent any potential issues such as cracks or breaks.

Remember not to overdo it and wear the surface of the nail. If you notice that your nails are a little uneven, you can use a nail polish brush to apply a layer of nail repair solution to fix small imperfections on the surface of your nails.

Step 3: Apply nail polish

In addition to trimming and sanding, we should also understand how to apply nail polish properly. Before applying nail polish, we should first clean the nails with nail polish cleaner to remove the oil and dirt on the surface of the nails.

Then, choose the color of nail polish you like, use a nail polish brush to dip the right amount of nail polish and gently apply it to the nail, being careful not to apply too thick or too thin. If you want a darker color, you can apply two coats. After applying the nail polish, let it dry for a few minutes.


In daily life, we also need to pay attention to some tips to protect nails. First, avoid using your nails for any strenuous movements, such as opening cans or tapping hard objects.

Doing so can make nails brittle and brittle. In addition, it is also very necessary to wear gloves to do housework, so that the nails do not come into contact with cleaners or detergents containing chemicals. Finally, apply nutritional nail polish regularly to supplement the nutrients needed by nails to help keep nails healthy.

In short, it is important to properly maintain your nails with nail tools. By properly using clippers and files, properly trimming and sanding nails, we can make nails look more beautiful and reduce the chance of damage. In addition, after applying nail polish, we also need to pay attention to protect nails, avoid strenuous movements and exposure to chemicals. Hopefully these tips will help you maintain your nails and have beautiful, healthy nails.