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A one-stop supplier specializing in the production of custom nail polishing heads,
custom nail accessories, and custom nail polishing machines
in ChiYou, we are very proud to provide our customers with the best custom polishing tools.

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ChiYou-OEM Nail Drill Bits Company Advantages

Advanced OEM-Nail Drill Bits Manufacturer

ChiYou produces all your Nail Drill Bits with advanced 6 Axis CNC machines.Each device is powerful enough to develop the most similar geometry to your needs.Can complete a variety of complex and fine processes, the safety performance of the equipment is also very excellent, the manufacturing process is very exquisite, to achieve high precision and quality standards.

Your carbide burr raw materials come from certified state-owned companies only.ChiYou effectively implemented material control in the process of producing customized nail polishing heads, and strictly followed the five principles, named the safety principle, the quality principle, the efficiency principle, the economy principle and the responsibility principle. ChiYou’s material safety and quality assurance is absolute, we will strictly check before the materials entering the warehouse. ChiYou factory’s material control is safe, effective and reliable quality. 

Brazing is a key point for the good quality carbide burr. ChiYou makes silver brazing under lower temperatures. Automatic welding machines promise the best balance.ChiYou’s brazing technique can guarantee the dimensional accuracy of nail polishing head, especially improve the production efficiency while ensuring the quality.

ChiYou controls strictly on every procedure of carbide burr manufacturing. No quality test approval, your carbide burr cannot pass to the next procedure. No personal signature, no Passing.

Experienced Team to Support your Order

7×24 online support for your business.

ChiYou engineer even knows how to manufacture CNC machines. Easy to control your carbide burr quality.

Most of ChiYou workers stay here for more than 5 years. Skilled in manufacturing your carbide burr at a high level.

ChiYou-OEM Nail Drill Bits Manufacturer Certificates

Why Choose ChiYou-OEM Nail Drill Bits Manufacturer

Professional Nail Removing Tools Test Lab

ChiYou has its own professional nail drill bits test laboratory. You can make various tests by yourself in our Lab, including sharpness, tool life, etc.

Competitive Nail Drill Products Price

ChiYou is one of the biggest nail drill bits manufacturers. It helps minimize production cost. You will benefit from competitive prices.

Objective & Fair Comparison

The test device is automatically working without the person involved. You can recognize which one is better by your own comparison.

Fast & Steady Delivery

ChiYou always ships the orders in 15-20 days. We can make stock for your regular orders. That helps you decrease stock quantity, and increase cash flow.

Test by Themselves

ChiYou has the best testing team in China, all nail drill bits and other nail removing tools products are tested by themselves, ChiYou customized nail drill bits are the best

Perfect After-Sales Service

ChiYou QA policy ensures you are satisfied with your custom nail drill bits products. We will make the free replacement if it does not function as we described.

Replace Your Current “High-Cost” Carbide Burr

Jens Czudai from Germany “I was really shocked and surprised that Chiyou carbide burr is better than some Germany local brand products, very bright and shine, very competitive price”

Gerald Zack from the United States “we manufacture carbide burr in the USA, also purchase from Chiyou. But more and more customers prefer Chiyou carbide burr than what we made in the USA now”

Moiz Sultan from the UK “You not only make the high-quality carbide burr for us, but also have excellent sales support than whatever we got from others”

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    More Questions You May Have

    ChiYou manufactures huge quantities of carbide burr every day. We can get a better price from the raw material supplier. For the popular types, Syndent leaves several machines working on them. You can save costs based on continuous production.

    Yes, ChiYou promises you the exact same quality carbide burr. Always the same. ChiYou is already a famous brand in Europe and America. You can trust ChiYou.

    ChiYou accepts T/T, L/C, Western Union, PayPal, Moneygram, etc. You can make a 30% prepayment when the contract is signed, and wire the balance before the shipping.

    You can request money back if the carbide burr quality is different than the confirmed samples. ChiYou will complete the money return within 3 working days.

    ChiYou has many raw materials in stock. For the regular orders, we will make some moving stock for you.

    ChiYou built good cooperation with many shipping agents in the last 8 years. We can find the cheapest method among these agents and ship your carbide burr at any time.